Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Park Connector 3

I have to do that once in a while - just drop everything and do a long bike ride across the island, what I call, "doing a Forest Gump"!

I started off an hour later than I wanted at 7am. Still not too bad considering that the workers haven't even started work yet.

This time, I am going to go from Changi to Holland Village. I chose this route because parts of it along the Kim Seng River is now refurbished with smooth bicycle lanes and pretty parks.

There are good Park Connectors in Singapore. They are getting better by the days, with additional directional signposts and indicators added. 

This part of the Park Connector is used as a Pasar Malam (night market) ground! :)

This is ITE East, a vocational institute to teach kids that are more kinesthetic and hands-on rather than academic. 

A beautiful and well equipped building helps to bring up the self-esteem of these kids. Personally, I think some kids are good with books and some are not. Those that are not are usually good with their hands or something else. That doesn't make them any less important. The illuminary Buckminster Fuller said that in this world, nobody is more important than others. 

This along the Bedok Park Connector, on the way to the sea.

These lovely flowering creepers grow freely on these humble looking  railings along the road, probably unnoticed by many. I am glad I have time to stop and stare at this one.

This underpass used to be one that I have to carry my bike down and up the stairs, but no more... it is now upgraded with ramps.

Although I come to East Coast frequently, these big trees never fail to impress me. Kudos to the National Parks who has been keeping all our parks beautiful.

Singapore Autumn!

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Singapore Indoor Stadium. No, they are not demolishing this! :)

There was a National Stadium here. :)

This is its replacement!

Yes, the Sports Hub! we love 'hubs' in Singapore.

The Pink Route!

My fans! :)

I have broadcasted this mini-trip on my facebook page and I got some friends meeting up for Bak Kut Teh (pork rib soup) lunch.

Iphone intricacy! :)

Riverside Point.

These used to be old godowns.
These are all new condo developments. Notice how thin that slice of building is? New apartments cost more and more, but are smaller and smaller. 

This is the section of the river where I stopped the last time.
This is how it looked before.

This is an old style primary school building built in the 50s. 

Then, as the baby boom grew in the 60s, schools became three storeys, like this one, its style commonly replicated in the 60s.

This retro looking architecture is the back part of a church.

This little park is built on top of a previously ugly looking canal.

 It now has reed and plants of water cleansing properties growing on little ponds. This is so that the water that goes into the canal are cleaner, making it easier to recycle the water to potable quality.

This beautiful garden built on top of a humble canal,  is like this lotus flower - growing out of muddy waters to bloom in full delight.

Behind the egalitarian HDB estate of Margeret Drive is the posh neighbourhood of Dempsey, with some of these quaint looking and regal houses.

Doesn't this look like England?

This is the old Queenstown Library. The architecture has some character. I hope they won't demolish it.

This is the old Queenstown recreational areas. As the front still sat standing, demolition has already started in the back.

This is the old Queenstown Market. I don't think this is going to last very long standing here.
Alas, I reach the last point of Holland Village. Unfortunately, nobody came to meet me. A few said that they will try to turn up, but couldn't make it. So after quenching my thirst, I turned back towards Changi.

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Singapore River on the way back.

I reached home at 11.40pm and celebrated with a glass of wine!
Total distance about 80-90kms.

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